May 6 – Samos to Sarria

We walked directly from our hotel, Casa Diaz, a beautiful casa rural, after a breakfast of cafe con leche, peasant bread, three different types of home made jams, soft cheese, flourless amazing cakes, and fruit.

Did about 7 miles to Sarria. I reinjured my right leg on a missed step and had to rest this afternoon, but was able to get a massage and some tips on stretching. Plan to walk tomorrow’s 24 km. From now on, no van is used except in emergencies, more info

because the last 100 km must be walked without assistance. Pray that my leg holds up!

Yesterday, on my way to O’ Cebreiro, I carried stones for Marina and Jill and placed them on a marker. This morning I carried a stone for Sandy, which I will place tomorrow.I realized today, because it was the first time I could access internet on a PC, that my blogs are posting scrambled. Sorry about that. Please read the comments.
More tomorrow.

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