May 11 – Santiago!!! effort, cold, rain, and finding the lovable, loving me.

I am still processing this experience. I am grateful to all who took the time to write and to pray for me; to Gail Marshall and Linda Lewis, who supported me both spiritually and with their long distance BT treatments; and especially to my husband, Fred, for his unfailing support and his willingness to gather resources so I could continue in spite of injury, illness and exhaustion.

More to come. .

May 10 – 10.5 K to go! A very hard day, with cold rain most of the day, but a short walk tomorrow!

I have no idea if these posts are actually making it, and I’m too tired to do more about it than what I can do from my Blackberry. Tomorrow, in Santiago, I will check on a real computer. We’ll see!

May 7 and May 8 Leboreido and 57 K to go

Lean el comentario.  Es una bella carta de mi hermano.

Please read the comment>  it is a beautiful letter from my brother.

As for today, May 8< it was cold, hard, and I have no more energy to write

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