May – 12 Fisterre also known as Finisterre: the end of the Earth

I write this on Tuesday morning. Yesterday, my Camino friend, a German living in Saint Petersburg, Florida, 68 year-old Tania (Magda) Citvares, invited me to come along with her, her brother Frank, and sister in law Christina, for a drive to Finisterre.

At first, I thought I was too tired for an early start, but I decided to go and at the last minute brushed my teeth and threw on some clean pilgrim clothes (I am so tired of the same three things) and off we went. What a nice day!

Santiago, being Santiago, was misty, cold and rainy in the morning, and it seemed that the rest of Galicia would follow suit, as we drove in the mist from village to village.  We managed to find the Atlantic Ocean and a desolate (we were the only customers) paella restaurant with great wine and great views of Laxe. The sun came out, no doubt helped by the warming Rioja wine, and we drove on to Finisterre.

Ahhh….. How can one describe sitting on a giant stone slab at the edge of a cliff at the end of the earth?

I took pictures, but I know the camera captured neither the grandiosity of the view, nor the depth of the feelings..

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